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Zhafir Venus Series machine,covering th clamping force from kNto 4 ,100 kN , is the first generation of fully electrical injection molding machines at Zhafir Plastic Machinery,which targets the high tech market of plastics processing.
Consiering 7 years of knowledge in the desingn of fully electrical machines and integrating the exprerience of the HTD series,Zhafir Venus Series machine has been upgraded with innovative solutions.
Solid driving structure,precise stable control , environmental protection,energy saving and high production efficency are some of the excellent ideas which have been developed and realized by our experienced desing engineers with open-minded flexibility.
The Zhafir Venus Series is broadly applicable due to its outstanding performance. This applies in particular for the zero-defect standart electric and electronic industry , high quality requirements of the optical industry ,the cleanroom applicatios,thin-wall and micro molding.

VENUS II-xp 450t


  • Upgraded desing driven by customer benefits
  • High response servo drives for more precision and quicker performance
  • Uniform user interface with the latest control technology from Sigmatek
  • Module design concept to allow a choice of different injectşon units with three alternative screw sizes
  • Version for high speed injection
  • High efficiency due to parallel movement
  • Up to 70% less energy concumption compared to hydrolic machines
  • Excellent machine stability
  • Environmentally friendly operation
  • Long life time



  • Powerful and proven 5-point double toggle system for high speed and economical operation
  • Parallel mold movements driven by an independend servo-motor with closed-loop
  • FEM analysis optimizes and reduces strain for improved structural stiffness
  • Generous tie bar clearances and distance between platens for optimum mold space
  • Automatic mold height adjustment and clamping force settings using saved mold data
  • The solenoid interlocks the safety guard door on both operating and non operating sides, with a release force of 1,000N


  • Four injection units for each clamping force
  • A variety of screw diameters can be selected
  • Parallel movements for injection and the ejection driven by independent servo-motors with closed-loop control
  • Using high response servo motor and the “X”-type mechanical structure for quick and responsive injection performance
  • Servo driven twin ball screws provide balanced ejection motion with an accuracy of 0.01 mm
  • Closed-loop temperature control on the feeding zone for optimal molded part quality at consistent material temperature


Program for compression molding
The compression cycle can be performed by easy programming. It is possible to freely programme the mold movements to syncronize with the injection movements.
This belongs to the low pressure molding technology category. It has the effect to improve the internal stress characteristic property for plastic product, reduce distortion, improve the product surface. With this control, the demand of injection force and clamp force parameters are truly optimized. It not only reduces the cost of equipment, but also greatly extends the equipment life time.

High performance
Outstanding injection acceleration response, and the compact design of injection components, reduce the inertial force of moving components. All these points improve the sensitivity of the start-up and brake, so that sufficient injection speed and holding pressure control provide a responsive performance.

Energy consumption
The output power for the all-electric servo drive unit follows the load changes, using the advanced DC bus technology to rapidly transmit changes to effect dynamic braking energy. This is 10% lower power consumption than other general servo systems. It also reduces heat dissipation dependent on the type of product and mold used. The Zhafir Venus Series can reduce the electric energy consumption by approximately 50-70% compared to the traditional fixed displacement pump.

High sophisticated control
The high performance control system from Sigmatek provides the ideal communication between the injection molding machine and the operator. The uniform operating concept and logical, clear structure of all functions make machine operation easy and user-oriented.

  • 15″ color LCD with touch screen
  • Memory for storing 100 mold data
  • USB interface to transfer information
  • Multiple languages for selection
  • Metric and imperial units
  • Independent page for maintenance by after sales service engineer